About Garry Davis

My background was very traditional with a progression from High School to a Science degree to a full-time job, supposedly for life. That worked well enough until I was in my early 30’s and became restless without knowing why. It didn’t take much longer to figure out that this was not the path that I wanted to be on and coupled with an interest in the stock market, I began my journey to pursue the benefits I knew the market could provide for my family.

I started trading just before the crash of 1987 with absolutely no knowledge of how the market worked, and was taught a very expensive lesson, losing more than half of my trading capital in just a few days.

I spent the next 5 to 10 years educating myself via a series of somewhat painful experiences where I would make some money and then give it all back plus a bit. Perhaps this sounds familiar to you?

Most traders give up after a period of this sort of punishment, but my growing passion for the market kept me in there. Eventually, after probably 10 years of tough lessons I started to develop an understanding of how markets really worked and why it was so necessary to approach things differently and stand aside from the masses.

Once I understood how to profitably engage the market, my trading skills have constantly improved and for a number of years, I have been able to consistently make money trading the share market.

Some of the hard lessons had significant emotional, as well as financial impacts and equip me very well today to work with aspiring traders because I understand how their emotions respond and how they are feeling under a variety of circumstances because I had been there so many times myself. So what started as a hobby, grew into a passion and then ultimately into a business which has expanded since the middle of 2008, primarily through word of mouth referral.

The last few years has been personally a hugely rewarding experience and makes it easy to provide a total commitment to helping my clients achieve what they desire from the stock market.
My experience over the years has taught me that not everyone wants to learn how to manage their investments themselves, so in July of 2014 I started an Individual Account based Managed Fund. As with everything I do, I make myself available to my clients to have any discussion around their portfolio and the strategy being employed.

My philosophy

Whilst I provide specific stock recommendations, the core emphasis of my business is the support and execution services which I firmly believe are the essential missing elements from mainstream service providers.

I use a 3-pronged approach to selecting stocks which encompasses…

  1. Fundamental analysis of company financials to identify the very best performers;
  2. Establishing a realistic valuation;
  3. Technical analysis to determine suitable entry and trade management levels

My approach is both top down (to allow appropriate asset allocations depending on the global and local scene) and bottom up to identify the best current and future business performers. Each trading decision is based on an assessment of the potential reward versus the risk involved. The key focus is to protect the capital base while leaving the upside open and constantly evaluating the trade on that basis. When the opportunity for reward is perceived as less than the risk, it is time to get out. My research and portfolio extends to both the Australian and US stock markets, as I believe in following the strongest global trends which right now are in the US.

My qualifications

I hold a Bsc (hons) in Industrial Chemistry from the Uni of NSW and have broad experience across the majority of Australia’s major industries in operational and management roles which provides me with a unique knowledge about how varying industries work. Since commencing full-time in financial markets in 2000, Garry gained the following qualifications;

  • ASX accredited derivatives advisor in 2005 from Tribeca
  • SDIA accreditation in 2005 from Deakin University
  • Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS50611) in 2014 to provide advice in Superannuation 

If you would like to speak with me…

I am always available to talk to anyone who wants unbiased advice about creating a better financial future in such volatile and uncertain times.

Just drop me a line at consult@specialistshareeducation.com.au


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